Consulting Services

Because you need answers, not just spectra.

The routine application of advanced x-ray methods has been hampered not only by the access constraints at synchrotron light sources, but also by the barrier posed by the learning curve for reliable data analysis for these methods. Building on decades of experience in x-ray science, our team works with you to provide a comprehensive plan to address the specific needs of your R&D or materials testing. Whether it be planning and coordination of synchrotron experiments, custom benchtop or synchrotron instrumentation, or data analysis and modeling, easyXAFS is here to help every step of the way.

Synchrotron Services

The easyXAFS team will assist with all interactions with beamline scientists, industrial liasons and general user programs to increase the likelihood of acquiring beamtime at the synchrotron light sources. We also offer on-site assistance with experiment execution and rapid post-run data analysis and interpretation.

Custom Instrumentation

Our team has decades of experience designing and building a wide range of custom x-ray instruments for both the laboratory and synchrotron environment. This includes calibration platforms, emission and inelastic scattering spectrometers for synchrotron endstations, custom sample environments for in situ studies, and special-purpose sample holders. We work closely with you to find reliable, high-performance designs that meet your technical and safety specifications.

Data Analysis and Modeling

Whether at the synchrotron light source or using our standard/customized in-house solutions, easyXAFS is happy to provide expert assistance with experiment planning and data analysis. Again, the goal is speed: your projects need answers now.

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