Turn-key XAFS and XES (high-resolution XRF)

Our proven family of laboratory x-ray monochromators and x-ray emission (XES) spectrometers deliver synchrotron-quality spectra while providing everyday access for rapid discovery.

easyXAFS provides complete solutions, working with you to find your application’s best combination of detectors, radiation enclosures, special sample environments, and support software.

easyXAFS/XES Spectrometers

Our easyXAFS/XES line features our versatile, benchtop, hard x-ray spectrometers. Using easily-maintained, standard x-ray tube sources, these instruments provide synchrotron-quality spectra from 5-12 keV in your own lab.


The proven “scissors drive” monochromator/spectrometer that gives fully research-quality, hard x-ray emission spectroscopy in synchrotron-comparable measurement times, using only low-powered, conventional x-ray sources. The system is easily reconfigured for complementary transmission-mode XAFS capability. The optic system is modular with full pre-alignment; it only takes a few minutes to change energy ranges. Simple operations, rapid data collection.

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A high-powered “linear spectrometer” system using a 1-2 kW conventional x-ray tube coupled to modern x-ray optics and detectors. This laboratory system for x-ray absorption fine structure (XAFS) provides very rapid transmission-mode measurements suitable for research and development in electrical energy storage or catalysis while also giving extremely high throughput for general sample characterization or product testing.

BRIMSTONE Tender X-ray Spectrometers


The BRIMSTONE is a powerful tender x-ray spectrometer (2-5 keV) in a compact box. Using an innovative optical geometry and standard x-ray tube, this small, desktop instrument provides synchrotron-quality x-ray emission spectra at synchrotron-level count rates. The ~1-eV energy resolution strongly outperforms all traditional WD-XRF systems in this energy range, with high-profile applications for sulfur and phosphorus speciation. The BRIMSTONE-GBX integrates with a research grade glovebox, uniquely enabling studies of air-sensitive samples. Both BRIMSTONE models are also available as stand-alone synchrotron endstation equipment, such as for RIXS.

kromo Tender X-ray Cameras


The kromo-TX1 is an inexpensive ‘color’ x-ray camera for 2-7 keV operations. The mass-produced CMOS sensor requires no special cooling. With saturation rates of 1,000,000/s and energy resolution of 200eV at 3keV, the kromo-TX1 can also be used as a simple energy-dispersive detector.

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Custom X-ray Instruments

Our team has decades of experience designing and building a wide range of custom x-ray instruments for both the laboratory and synchrotron environment. This includes calibration platforms, emission and inelastic scattering spectrometers for synchrotron endstations, custom sample environments for in situ studies, and special-purpose sample holders. We work closely with you to find reliable, high-performance designs that meet your technical and safety specifications.

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