January Newsletter

NEWSLETTER                                        JANUARY, 2018

Converting Old XRD to New Lab XAFS?

Older lab XRD systems are either decommissioned or fall into limited use when upgraded diffractometers arrive.  We are developing a cost-effective retrofit system to convert underutilized XRD systems with functioning x-ray sources and radiation enclosures into lab XAFS systems.  If this interests you, please send us a note at with a description of your present system, including the tube specifications and radiation enclosure dimensions


Why is Benchtop XES so Fast?

One of the great surprises of benchtop spectrometers is their impressive performance for x-ray emission spectroscopy.  Modern benchtop systems have count rates that vary from a few percent to full comparability with synchrotron beamlines while matching synchrotron energy resolution.  The technical explanation is discussed in “Benchtop XES: Why is it so fast?”  


Community News: XAFS 2018 abstract submission closes soon!

The deadline for abstract submission to  XAFS 2018 is January 31.  This latest iteration of the tri-annual XAFS conference will be held in Krakow on July 22-27 2018.  See XAFS2018 for more information.


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