March Newsletter

NEWSLETTER                                           MARCH, 2018

kromo color x-ray cameras shipping, and software upgrades

The first two kromo color x-ray cameras for the 2-5 keV energy range will be soon be shipped to a synchrotron facility where they’ll be used in tender x-ray diffraction experiments.   The kromo has 3-micron spatial resolution, better than 200-eV energy resolution, and saturation rates above 10^6/s at frame rates of 100 Hz.  We’ve recently upgraded the support software to make it easier to select different detection modes, such as simple histogram binning of all events or imaging of single photon events within a chosen energy window.

Accessories: Sample swapper, and what else?

We’ve added a high-quality sample rotary turret to the standard configuration of the easyXES100 combined XAFS/XES system and the easyXAFS300 high-powered XAFS spectrometer.  When combined with the new ‘scheduler’ software, either a LabVIEW interface or simple CSV file is used to set up batch scans having custom-defined energy scan parameters for each sample.  See a recent blog post for photos and more information.  We’re also looking into adding options for refrigeration stages, furnaces, and gas flow reactors.  Do you have favorite vendors for these items, or other suggestions for accessories that will accelerate benchtop spectroscopy applications?  Email us with suggestions!


easyXAFS is coming to XAFS 2018 in Krakow

The tri-annual XAFS conference is coming to Krakow this summer, and easyXAFS will be there!  We look forward to learning about your research and discussing the synergies between synchrotron and benchtop XAFS and XES… and we’ll be giving away XAFS T-shirts.  We hope to see you there.


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