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NEWSLETTER                                                 MAY, 2018

EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)

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Hexavalent Chromium Detection by Benchtop Cr K_alpha XES

Hexavalent Cr is a well-known human carcinogen whose presence in consumer products is heavily regulated.  However, determining its content in plastics, whether in children’s toys or consumer electronic components, is very challenging.  A recent paper by Jahrman et al in ACS Analytical Chemistry shows that the earliest lowest-powered prototype instrument that launched the easyXAFS technology can perform Cr K_alpha XES with sufficient sensitivity to present a new analytical method for this problem.  The easyXES100 does even better, with 10x-20x improved sensitivity.  Benchtop spectroscopy doesn’t replace synchrotrons.  Instead, it complements synchrotron capability by providing high-access, on-demand measurements for completely new applications that don’t require the full power of a major facility. The Cr K_alpha is just the first example, re-subscribe to the newsletter to hear more.

easyXAFS is coming to XAFS 2018 in Krakow

The tri-annual XAFS conference is coming to Krakow this summer, and easyXAFS will be there!  We look forward to learning about your research and discussing the synergies between synchrotron and benchtop XAFS and XES… and we’ll be giving away XAFS T-shirts.  We hope to see you there.


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