2017 CleanTech Innovation Showcase

We at easyXAFS would like to thank and congratulate the Seattle CleanTech Alliance on the success of the 2017 CleanTech Innovation Showcase. This event, held in Seattle on June 26, brought together leaders in innovation, industry, and policy across the Pacific Northwest (US and Canada). With dozens of companies and 500+ individuals in attendance, the best and brightest were on display. Read more about the event and easyXAFS’s participation.

xafs2015wpUser2017 CleanTech Innovation Showcase
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easyXAFS welcomes new team member

We are happy to announce the addition of Will Holden to the easyXAFS team. Will, who comes to us with a wealth of hands-on experience in x-ray instrument design and implementation, will be overseeing tender x-ray technology, including the new BRIMSTONE spectrometer and kromo x-ray camera product lines.

xafs2015wpUsereasyXAFS welcomes new team member
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Optic Alignment Made Easy

Spherically bent crystal analyzers (SBCAs) are important components for Rowland circle x-ray spectrometers in both our lab-based x-ray absorption/emission spectrometers and also in many synchrotron-based emission instruments.

xafs2015wpUserOptic Alignment Made Easy
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Coming Soon: the BRIMSTONE, a tender x-ray emission spectrometer for sulfur, phosphorus and more.

Laboratory-based XAFS and XES generates the highest scientific and technical potential when used to open the field to new applications that are incompatible with synchrotron light source priorities and access models.  Our users are already finding many such applications for studies transition metal compounds for battery research, catalysis, and even artwork analysis.

xafs2015wpUserComing Soon: the BRIMSTONE, a tender x-ray emission spectrometer for sulfur, phosphorus and more.
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