September Newsletter

Community News- XAFS World Tour


How many XAFS beamlines in the world? Time to find out. Each day we are featuring a new beamline and experiment on Twitter. One per day until we’ve got them all.

Join the tour on Twitter @easyXAFS and tweet us your suggestions for upcoming features. #tweetXAS



Instrument News

Spherically bent crystal analyzers (SBCAs) are important components for Rowland circle x-ray spectrometers in both our lab-based x-ray absorption/emission spectrometers and also in many synchrotron-based emission instruments. As with all focusing optics, an SBCA must be properly aligned to ensure best instrument performance.

Using the patent pending “Clock Angle Protocol”, first reported in our joint publication with the University of Washington, easyXAFS has greatly simplified the SBCA alignment process. This result allows for optic pre-alignment with rapid, reproducible installation. Simply plug in the SBCA, do one quick scan and get started on your science.

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Manufacturing Update

We’re happy to say that the production queue is filling with excited customers, such as two easyXES100-extended instruments currently being fabricated side-by-side. Look for more news to follow in a few months about our planned move to a larger manufacturing facility in early 2018. This move will help us establish an in-house testing facility and also give enough space to accommodate ramping up manufacturing of the BRIMSTONE system for lower-energy XES.



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